Initial and Standard Consultations

Will involve assessment of your relevant history and physical examination to find the cause of the problem. This will be explained and treatment options discussed with your lifestyle choices in mind. You are involved in setting of treatment goals and treatment is then commenced. Typically this will include “hands-on” treatment and excercises.

Other types of services or appointments available include:

Extended Consultations

Some problems require more time. It is advisable to book an extended consultation if the problem is a chronic condition, complex, migraine-related or involves more than one area. Note that some physios have further training in certain areas. If you need an extended consultation time let us know at time of booking. The treating physiotherapist may also advise this, if required, and will be discussed with you.

Short Consultations

At times the visit is less involved. Taping, fitting of braces or checking of casts for example, typically takes less time and can be charged accordingly.


Using a water-based exercise program can be helpful for some conditions. We utilise the Toukley Aquatic Centre and run a small group session, usually 3-6 people, so we can individualise the program for your needs. A standard consultation at the practice is required to assess your needs and suitability ‘PRIOR’ to you attending the pool.

Casting, Braces and Splints

We have a wide range in stock of braces and splints. We provide casting, braces and splints for Central Coast Orthopaedics adjacent to our rooms. Waterproof casts are available. A doctors referral is necessary for casting.

Massage Therapy

Remedial, relaxation and sports massage. Myofascial/deep tissue release and trigger point therapy. Pregnant, lymphoedema and oncology clients can be catered for. Hot stone massage is now available.

Occupational Health and Physiotherapy

Each workplace has unique needs. Services that may be required include assessment of ergonomics or workstation, work task analysis and onsite solutions to injury management.

Running Assessment

Running related pain and injury is a common occurrence. Careful assessment can identify the cause. This can then be managed to resolve the problem and improve running efficiency which will enhance performance.

Work Conditioning Programs

Return to work programs can be developed. This can be done at a fitness centre/gym, our own in-practice exercise studio or even at your own workplace, whichever is the most suitable.