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We the staff and management of Total Physio Centres Kanwal place value on providing quality service through the pursuit of clinical excellence, professional integrity and continuing education. We strive to provide evidence based practice with a manual therapy and exercise focus. This is offered to all in our community.


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No, unless you are utilising Workers Compensation, Third Party, Veteran’s Affairs or EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) to pay for these services.

On your first visit arrive 5 minutes earlier so you can complete the paperwork. If you do have any imaging (x rays, scans etc), tests or reports related to the condition bring them. Consider your clothing choice. We usually need to access the area to be treated eg. loose shorts for a knee problem.

Although a standard consultation is booked half hourly our focus is your needs, do allow up to 1 hour in case we need more time to address the problem.

Privacy is important. We do ask your agreement to discuss clinical matters with other parties involved in your management eg. your GP or your insurance company if it is a workers compensation matter. For more information regarding privacy please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Our goal is to provide a quality service and at a cost that is reasonable. Some people by non-attendance or by cancelling in less than 24 hours do make it difficult to maintain our fees. Of course emergency reasons out of your control are excused.

This is a government initiative to assist with the cost of healthcare for people who have complex medical conditions. Access to the program is by seeing a GP who chooses to develop what is called a “patient care plan”. Medicare will provide a rebate for the cost of up to 5 visits for physiotherapy. The rebate is $52.95. This can be claimed directly by our front desk so the gap on initial consult is $20.05 and subsequent consults are $15.05.